The Monster Gym website will provide you with an overview of the facilities we have for both men and women in all aspects of training be it health and fitness, sport specific, strength training or bodybuilding. Before you explore our site here’s a bit about us.

We are an independent run gym based in Rabat and have been open just a matter of weeks. Our idea to create the style of gym we have was borne from years of working within various leisure industries in uk and an amalgamation of observations drawn from this. The invention of Monster Gym was formed with the purpose to provide members with the best equipment and apparatus all under one roof to achieve their desired goals.

The gym is run by professionals who are highly qualified and have years of experience within the industry. The result from creating Monster has proved a success with our customers, professional athletes, coaches and trainers and has been an inspiration to all our visitors from all over the world, who when in Rabat and morocco will seek us out to have the experience of training at Monster Gym.

There is only one Monster Gym in Morocco welcome to our website!